Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered the most frequently asked questions here. If there is something we have not included please feel free to contact us. We will update this list as appropriate to keep you informed.

Q. Do You Ship Orders Globally?

A. No, at this time we only ship to the United States, Puerto Rico and US Territories. See our full shipping policy.

Q. Do All Items Ship From The United States?

A. No. Most of our items are sent to you directly from our Asian suppliers. Items that ship from the USA will be so marked.

Q. How Long Will It Take For My Order To Ship?

A.  Imported Orders are usually shipped in 2-5 Days. Very heavy shopping periods such as major holidays like Easter and Christmas could ad one or two days. Shipping days are Monday through Friday. Domestic Orders are usually shipped in 1-3 Business Days. Very heavy shopping periods such as major holidays like Easter and Christmas could ad one or two days. Shipping days are Monday through Friday.

Q.How Long Will It Take For My Order To Arrive?

A.  Imported Orders should arrive in 10-20 days during most times of the year. If your order does not arrive in 20 days it’s Free. Read our Free Returns Policy here.  Note, this extends to 25 days during the Christmas season. Domestic Orders should arrive within 2-5 days after shipping, during most times of the year. Your order may take up to 6 days during busy holiday times such as Easter and Christmas.

Q. How Will My Order Be Shipped?

A.  Imported Orders. We ship all orders via USPS ePacket. The ePacket shipping system is a USPS program that allows us to keep our prices low and still ship to you from China and Asia. This system also allows us to provide tracking numbers. Domestic Orders are shipped via USPS. You will receive a tracking number when your order is shipped.

Q.What If My Import Order Does Not Come In 20 Days?

A. It’s Free! We offer you great prices and low a low threshold on Free Shipping. But, that’s no excuse to make you wait forever. Mose orders will arrive in 10-20 days, but if it ever takes more than 20 days we will refund your purchase price and you keep the product. NOTE: This policy may be waived if your order is held up due to Import/Customs/Tariff fees.

Q. Can I Track My Order?

A. Yes, when your order is shipped we will email you the tracking number at the email used to place the order.

Q. Will You Ship All Items In My Order At The Same Time?

A. Each item on your order will be shipped when ready. The products we offer are shipped from all over the world, allowing us to offer you great prices on high-quality products.

Q. I Only Received Part Of My Order! Where Is The Rest?

A. When you order multiple items on one order it is likely that items will be shipped and received at different times. Don’t be alarmed, it’s normal and you will receive a separate tracking number for each shipment.

Q. Do You Offer Exchanges and refunds?

A. Yes, all of the items we sell are backed by our “The Best Shopping Guarantee”. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will offer you a refund or exchange, your choice. Shopping online should never be a risk and we’re doing our part.

Q. Who Pays For Shipping On A Return?

A. We do. If you have to return an item we will pay for the return shipping. If your purchase was not eligible for Free Shipping we will also refund your shipping charges.

Q. Whose Responsibility Is It To Pay Import/Customs/Tariff Fees?

A. All government processing fees are the buyer’s responsibility. Please note, delivery could be delayed if fees are due and not paid on time. If this happens the 20-day delivery guarantee is waived.

Q. Is My Personal Data Protected On Your Website?

A. Yes. You can use your Discover, MasterCard, Visa or American Express Card or PayPal to pay for your order. We use PayPal secure check out exclusively to process all orders. This is your assurance that your private information is secure. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. We also use SSL certification on our websites.

If you have any other questions please contact us by visiting our Contact Page.

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