Trendy Workout Clothes For The Fashion Conscious

Fashionable workout clothes, leggings, compression shorts, fashion tights, support tops and lots of stretchy material have replaced t-shirts and gym shorts. Going to the gym has changed a lot and you need to prepare in a different way. Shop for the latest in compression socks and fashion activewear to support your healthy and active lifestyle.

Your Grandmother’s Gym

Not Your Grandmother’s Gym

A Lot Has Changed


Buy The Right Stuff

When you shop for workout clothes consider how they are going to be used. Tight fitting and compression athletic wear tend to help keep muscles in place and can prevent damage. This is especially true with tights more so than tops.

Support Your Feet And Legs

Your feet set the tone for your day. It makes sense then, if you have “happy feet” the chances are you will feel good and perform at a respectable level. On the other hand, if your feet hurt and your legs are tired, your chances of having a good day are limited. So, you can see that the benefits of anti-fatigue socks are considerable. That’s why we sell compression socks and hose for nurses, doctors, salespeople, line workers, stock brokers, real estate agents, and the list goes on! If your active and on your feet a lot, compression socks can help you.


Compression clothing and accessories are commonly known to:

  • Hold muscles in place to improve blood flow to the muscles
  • Keep muscles warm to prevent muscle strain
  • Aid in the relief of pain and muscle soreness
  • Reduce the time it takes muscles to repair themselves